Becca’s Bio

I came out of the womb feet first.

In school, my teacher told my mom I colored outside the lines.

In first grade, I told my friend I’d be moving from Indiana to Florida soon to become a TV star. We never moved.

I packed a bag of clothes and supplies to run away as a child and hid it in the woods behind our house, so I’d be ready. I just thought it would be a fun adventure. The neighbor girls found it and returned it, revealing my plan to my parents and thwarting all future attempts.

As a child, I longed for adventure. I longed for creative outlets. God gave me all I longed for and more when I began a relationship with Him. All of my writing reveals creative adventures with the Lord. If you like creativity and long for adventure, you’re in the right place!

I want to Meet you!

Got a venue? A coffeehouse, favorite library, bookstore, or kid’s store? Let me know and I would love to meet you there! I can do a reading, lead a devotion, or teach the Bible. I can even sing original kids’ songs. Email: to schedule your event today!

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