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I came out of the womb feet first.

In school, my teacher told my mom I colored outside the lines.

In first grade, I told my friend I’d be moving from Indiana to Florida soon to become a TV star. We never moved.

I packed a bag of clothes and supplies to run away as a child and hid it in the woods behind our house, so I’d be ready. I just thought it would be a fun adventure. The neighbor girls found it and returned it, revealing my plan to my parents and thwarting all future attempts.

As a child, I longed for adventure. I longed for creative outlets. God gave me all I longed for and more when I began a relationship with Him. All of my writing reveals creative adventures with the Lord. If you like creativity and long for adventure, you’re in the right place!


Let me encourage you with the Word of God. Women’s conferences, small group meetings, or even moms groups. Email: to schedule your event today!

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