Coronavirus? Day 2

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and some drainage. My head hurt like crazy most of the day. I just wanted to be horizontal. No fever, no cough, breathing ok. Therefore, it’s not likely it’s Corona. I attributed the cold to cleaning and dusting the day before. I often get sick after a day of deep cleaning something with a lot of dust. I’m probably allergic to cleaning.

Today, I mostly felt better, though the drainage continued. My kids had some snot this past week for a day or two, but they seem fine now. It’s probably nothing, right?

Even so, we streamed church from home. Well, everyone did from our church. My husband went to the store instead of me after I added whipping cream to the kids’ cups with the last bit of milk we had. Quarantining is nothing new for us, but I do wish we had a cow in times like these! Milk is the one thing that sent us to the store for the first time all week. This time, we’ll buy an extra week’s supply and freeze it. I praise God for a deep freezer in times like these. To think we bought it because I produced too much breast milk and my child wouldn’t take a bottle. Even though she slept through the night very early on, I still had to get up every night to pump. Romans 8:28 has been on my heart today: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” In other words, God has since used that deep freezer purchase in more ways than I could have ever imagined as a way to bless us and others.

I do wonder what additional ramifications will happen as a result of this Coronavirus time. Some say we’ll see a slight baby boom nine months from now. I agree. Will marriages be restored because everyone will be home to talk to each other again? How will it affect people doing drugs? I like the idea of a National day of prayer in light of this virus. It acknowledges that we’re human and finite and only God is powerful enough to stop this.

That statement reminds me of Elsa and Anna in Frozen. Thank you Disney for releasing Frozen II on Disney plus since we’re all at home 😉. Anna tells Elsa something in the first movie about believing in her ability to stop winter.

Who can stop the Coronavirus? Where is our hope found? Of course it should be in the Lord. Listening to health care workers and obeying our governing authorities is still wise and shows no less trust in the Lord, but rather more (Romans 13).

Um, so my husband just returned from the store and said they had limits on how much you could buy! We normally buy 3-4 gallons of milk at a time and today we’re limited to two! Oh dear. Looks like we’ll be returning in a couple days.

For those suddenly stuck at home with your kids, here’s a basic outline of our days when we’re at home.

8 up, dressed, and eat breakfast together (me and kids since Dad is usually at work)

9 Bible time (as much for me as for them). Either I go through my Bible study and read the Bible part out loud, or I just read two chapters from a book of the Bible I’m working through with our kids.

10 maybe clean or do little things around the house while listening to a podcast I like at 10:30 (Bold Steps with Mark Jobe) OR we go for a walk!

11 baby 1 year old takes nap. If I need a nap or a shower or to use my elliptical, the two year old watches something on TV. Otherwise, I try to do something age appropriate with her that we can’t do when the 1 year old is awake. (Water colors, play dough, very small toys, scissors, ABCs, or I work on a house project and she helps.)

12 get something easy out to eat for lunch (often leftovers or sandwiches, eggs and toast, whatever fruit or veggies easily accessible)

1pm GO OUTSIDE! Swing, sandbox, playhouse, or just wander in the yard. Or if it’s not nice, we’ll read books.

2pm NAPS! We all take naps (myself included) Often I’ll read a book to myself until I hear the kids quiet down and fall asleep. Then I pass out on the couch for a bit.

4pm or whenever we get up from naps… Get dinner ready. (Or if it’s leftovers, we might go back outside for a bit.)

5pm Eat dinner (often before Daddy gets home)

6 play, fun stuff, go back outside, hi to Daddy

7 baths and put on jammies

8 milk and bedtime snack
Bible storytime with Daddy
Cuddles, song, prayer
8:30 Goodnight 😁

PS-Mealtimes take about an hour to prepare, eat, and clean up. Even if we’re only eating like 10 minutes. I pile most dishes in and around the sink until right before Daddy comes home. Then I clean them all up and/or load the dishwasher. Personally, I prioritize mealtime. It’s when I talk to my kids and do a lot of teaching/training. “What do you all think is going to happen with this Coronavirus? No feet on the table!” If mealtimes aren’t your thing, prioritize what’s important to you. We developed this routine after being sick about 3 months last fall. Take a few ideas from it and run with it.