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I’ve blogged about once a week for many months now. I would love to continue, but the Lord is leading me on a new pursuit. In order to fully devote myself to this new adventure, I’m going to put a hold on much of my writing, mainly blogging.

The time I previously spent writing will now be devoted to studying, researching, and pursuing higher education. I’m hopeful that at some point, this new career path will require me to write again. I am excited for that day and the type of writing required of me then.

Until then, my blogging will be sporadic. I will keep most posts here to use as reference points.

Thank you for your encouragement. Please pray for me to pass the tests required of me and get the scores required of me. Please pray for me to do the work required of me and to prioritize my time and family. And please pray for God to open doors wide on the path I believe He’s leading me toward.

Details coming within a year’s time.

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