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Post Covid Lit


Let’s face it. Covid changed things. Some for better, and others for worse. But overall, some books written pre-covid, just don’t make sense in today’s world. The challenges we face in this post-pandemic state are unique. I have found a few books written after the pandemic that speak into our lives today.

Find Your People by Jenni Allen

Own Your Past Change Your Future by John Delony

Your Brain is Always Listening by Daniel Amen

Each of these books touches on the loneliness epidemic in our society today. While they’re not perfect on their own, read all together can be helpful. I also suggest the all popular book, Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend. I believe that book needs to be read alongside Jenni Allen’s Find Your People book. While I deeply appreciate Jenni’s book, she speaks from a pretty healthy place assuming she’s speaking to mostly healthy people. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. I pray she follows it up with a “Find Healthy People when Toxicity feels Normal,” book.

The book by John Delony seems incredibly basic in its findings. But it’s necessary in our day and age. It reminds people to eat healthy, get connected, exercise, get outside, and how to change one’s thinking, among other things. It’s one of those things that everyone needs to hear and be reminded of on a regular basis. It also is incredibly encompassing of the whole person. He doesn’t just say how to change your past eating habits or how to change your relationships. He takes a wholistic focus on how to really have lasting change.

Daniel Amen’s book, I know I’ve touched on before, but it’s worth mentioning again. So many of us struggle with wrong thinking. If we could just get that right, we’d be able to change so many other things in our lives. I plan on reading his book multiple times. It’s largely a brain book, but written by the leader in neurology.

While sitting down and reading is shown to lower blood pressure and relax us and have all sorts of benefits, I listened to each of these books audio. So if you’re on the go, in the car, or take long walks, grab a device and listen away. Your brain will thank you.

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

And if you’re into fiction, try Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. This book has taken off! It’s 14 hours of listening, which is nearly twice your average book. It’s so well written that it needs to be required reading for English classes. You’ll be hooked right away and keep reading all the way through to find out what happens. A pandemic, of sorts, happens in this book. So that’ll be interesting too.

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