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#Reading Goals


What a person reads in their free time says a lot about them. With that in mind, I realize the books I’ve read this year say a lot about me. Conclude as you will, but here they are, categorized. Hopefully you get some ideas of books to read next year. Many were audio-which I highly suggest. It’s a great way to pass time in the car.

How we Love
Get out of your head
9 Things you simply must do
Your Brain is always Listening
Don’t Let Their Crazy Make you Crazy
Necessary Endings

Boundaries with Kids
Parenting by the Book

Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Ramona Quinby series
Mouse and Motorcycle series
These Happy Golden Years (little house series)
The Long Winter (little house series)
Mary Poppins
Mr. Poppers Penguins

A Vision with Wings
Holy Ambition by Ingram
Win the Day
The 5 Solas
I am a Church Member
All Together Different
We will not be Silenced
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
Standing Strong by MacArthur
Divorce and Remarriage by Evans

A Grief Observed
The Ragamuffin Gospel
The Pilgrims Progress

Becoming Myself
Women of the Word
Choosing Forgiveness by Wolgumuth

Confessions of Adam
Reformation Fire
Dead Sea Squirrels (jingle #9)
The Last Battle (Narnia)

Your Total Money Makeover
Business God’s Way

*I have a reading goal every year, but it’s usually closer to 10-12 books a year. Audio books have definitely upped my game. I encourage you to make a reading goal for 2023. Here are some ideas:
-Read one book a month
-Read 10 books on one topic
-Read through a novel series
-Read through the Bible in a year
-Read through the Bible chronologically in a year
-Read one parenting book, one marriage book, one Bible commentary book, one classic Christian book, one novel, and one other book (half a book a month)

Here are some tips on goal setting when it comes to reading more
-Set reasonable goals. If you only read one book last year. Set a goal to read 2-5 this year, not 100.
-If you spend a lot of time on social media, look at your settings to see how much time. Consider setting a timer to half that time and using the other half of the time to read. You’re reading a lot on social media. Why not invest it in a book?
-Choose things you enjoy reading, not things you feel like you have to read to be a good person. Novels can speak to you too.
-Just read! Reading is so good for your brain and even has proven to lower blood pressure and anxiety when done regularly.
-Consider reading a magazine or newspaper column regularly if you’re too overwhelmed by finishing a whole book.
-Just try a certain amount of time a day or a chapter a day. For instance, consider reading for 10 minutes a day to start, and only for 3 days a week. If you’re not into reading, just start there.
-Consider an area in which you wish to grow in. Choose a book or periodical that will help with that.

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