You Might Be in an Abusive Relationship if…

You might be in an abusive relationship if…

Your partner dictates what kind of peanut butter you eat

Your partner tells you how to do your hair and nails for your wedding

Your partner requests you wear a certain outfit for a date

Your partner requests you get a certain swimsuit to wear just for him

Your partner has specific requirements for your wedding dress

Your partner proposes without a ring because he says he wants you to pick it out. But when taken to the jewelry shop, he tells you which one to get and starts to get angry if you don’t do what he says.

Your partner talks bad of you to others causing them to treat you badly

Your partner shares your arguments with others outside of the relationship without your permission, in order to gain support for his way of thinking and make you look like a fool to them, and has those others come and talk to you about why you’re wrong

Your partner minimizes your feelings

Your partner lies regularly to you and others around you about you

Your partner spends money however he wishes, but denies you any spending freedom

Your partner constantly argues with you or puts you down

You find yourself isolated from family or friends and you’re not sure why

Your boundaries aren’t respected or are completely ignored

Your partner threatens divorce for something as simple as you mowing the lawn, or uses it as a way to control you

Your partner doesn’t allow you to upset or disagree with his family, but he allows his family to upset you without limits

Your partner constantly chooses his family over you, or anyone over you

Your partner doesn’t allow you to call 911 when you feel unsafe, even from outside gunshots or imminent threats

****All of the above examples could mean you’re in an abusive relationship, but they might not. What makes a relationship abusive is that the abuse increases with severity and frequency over time.


Enough is Enough by David E Clark

The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans

Don’t Let Their Crazy Make You Crazy by Laurel Slade Wagoner

Podcasts by David E Clark or Laurel Slade Wagoner

Photo credit: Alex Green

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