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7 Questions About Reading

1. What did you think of reading as a child?
Readers were considered geeks when I was growing up. I loathed having to read or do reading comprehension in school. Maybe it was because I was such a slow reader. But occasionally, when reading novels in school, I found myself actually enjoying it! I’d find myself pondering how I too, could convince my friends to do work, like Tom Sawyer did. I didn’t start reading regularly until I was 17. It happened after reading the book “I Dare You,” by a man who founded a leadership camp. From then on, I read nearly one book a month.

2. When did you consider yourself to be a reader?
I still never considered myself much of a reader, because I didn’t read novels. But then I started occasionally reading children’s novels in my adulthood and loved them! Recently I heard that you can still be a reader, even if you don’t enjoy novels. That’s it! I suddenly realized after nearly 20 years of reading non-fiction, that I am a proud reader. It just so happens that my favorite genre is non-fiction! I read to learn!

3. Do your children love reading?
One of my favorite joys in parenting has been passing onto my children a LOVE for books and reading. None of them can actually read yet, but they often fall asleep looking at pictures books.

One day, I was tired of reading picture books to them, also sick and laying on the couch. I picked up a children’s chapter book, Pollyanna, and started reading it aloud to them while they played with their toys. They LOVED it! And I loved it too! That started our reading of chapter books together. Confession: this is likely my second favorite genre.

4. What are some reading goals you have?
This year, I have the goal to finish on average one chapter book a week. We’re nearly half way through the year and I’ve actually finished 21 books, praise God! Audiobooks, folks, is a game changer, btw! I still love to hold a book and turn the pages, but audiobooks are so great for driving!

So I have a few friends who love reading even more than me. Like one friend, is going to read 100 chapter books this year. She did it last year too! She’s already up to 57! She’s a mom of three and one is a baby. They inspire me to read more and often make great book recommendations. I also love chatting to these people about books they’ve read.

5. Do you gift books?
ALL THE TIME! I’m totally that person that says, “oh, you’re dealing with that? There’s a book on that…” Even with kids I’ve started asking parents what the kids like and then buying their kids books related to that for their birthdays. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many books.

6. How do you read? (All at once? Bits and pieces?)
I like to take breaks in the middle of my reading in order to think on what I’ve read and let it really sink down. I’ve never been one to read a whole book in a couple of days.

7. How do you read the Bible?
I read the Bible all different ways. Currently, I’m reading through the Bible in a year with our church. I also read through books of the Bible with my children. And of course, Precept Bible studies are my favorite way to study the Bible. So overall, I try to read my Bible daily (but I definitely don’t do it perfectly).

So that’s MY story about getting into reading, but what’s yours?

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