Joy of Serving

Recently at a family gathering, I found I would be almost done with one task when someone would holler at me, “hey, it’s time for you to do the one thing!” Then I’d nearly be done with that when someone else would holler at me, “oh, it’s time for the other thing-You’re in charge of that, right?” And on and on it went. I never got a break! I found myself wondering how I suddenly ended up with so many jobs. Did no one else want those jobs? Was it because I was skilled in certain areas? Or was it because I saw a need and stepped in to meet it?

Well, the truth is, a little of everything. But even so, sometimes how we become busy isn’t the right question. Because often we take on tasks for very noble causes in the beginning. Yet as things in our lives change, and additional busyness invades, we often have to reevaluate WHY we’re doing certain things. If it’s too much, we should see if there’s another eligible someone available to take over for us. For me, I had to remind myself that after my grandpa died, everybody pitched in here and there to help my grandma with everything…especially hosting! In comparison to all that needs to be done, I don’t do much.

Psalm 27:6 NASB
“And now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me, And I will offer in His tent sacrifices with shouts of joy;
I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.”

How often do we look at the Christian walk like that? We think we do so much for God that we forget why we’re doing it. We lose joy in serving simply by viewing things God has given us to do as tasks we have to do, as opposed to viewing them as service unto God we get to do.

In this busy holiday season, are there any jobs or tasks you’re viewing as have to’s as opposed to get to’s? Pray for God to give you a servants’ heart, filed with joy of being able to serve Him. Amen!

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book:

365 Living Words cover flowers

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