Impossible Prayers

“Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”
John 14:13 NASB

One year, I am sort of ashamed to say, I actually wrote a Christmas list for God. Our house had never had a dishwasher. Well, except for the brand new one we bought eight months earlier that was still sitting in our living room in a box. It sure didn’t wash many dishes in there, though. But no one could figure out how to install it! One guy we hired drove almost an hour to get to our house, took one look at it and said, “sorry! I can’t do that!” and turned around and drove all the way home!

Sort of as a last resort and since I didn’t believe in Santa, I wrote on my Christmas list for God, “to have dishwasher installed and working.” That year for Christmas, we had family staying with us and all took turns doing the dishes. I may never know if this was coincidence or not. But the morning after my brother in law had done all the dishes, he went to the hardware store and came back with tools determined to install that dishwasher! Within a few days, all the guys in the family put their brains together and found a way to get that dishwasher installed and working! They did not know about my Christmas list for God, yet God answered anyway.

Moral of the story? When in doubt, ask God. When no one else can make it happen, ask God. While I do not suggest we turn our prayer lives into Christmas lists for God, it is good to pray about everything. While we should be careful to not view God as a genie there to make our every wish come true, He’s already said He will meet our needs (Philippians 4:19). And the more we pray and seek to follow God, our desires will be transformed into His desires as well.

Remember our verse and the purpose of God answering prayers, it’s so He may be glorified. Ask God for something you see as impossible today. And Praise Him for answering seemingly impossible prayers.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

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