What We Deserve

Daniel 6:22a NASB
“My God sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths and they have not harmed me…”

Dr. Bill Thrasher, a professor at Moody Theological Seminary, often explained how because of our sin, we deserve death. Therefore, anything less than death is by the grace of God. Thinking this way really puts things in perspective. We do not deserve anything. We deserve death! This kind of thinking changes one’s prayer life too.

It changes one’s prayers from, “Lord give us nice weather,” to “Lord, if it’s going to be this hot outside, could you please send a breeze? We’ll be ok if not, but it would be nice.” It changes prayers from, “Lord, help me not lose my job,” to “Lord, help me stand firm for You despite losing my job.” Instead of asking God to keep us from harm, we ask God to help us keep our faith through the trials.

Knowing God doesn’t stop us from trials. Having Christ in our lives does not mean we will be healthy wealthy and successful. Often times far from it! But it does mean we have access to an all-powerful God through prayer! It means we can ask God anything and that He’s able to do everything! However, it also might mean that He’ll simply enable us to honor Him through whatever circumstances He allows in our lives.

God did not stop Daniel from trials. Taken from his hometown as a teen, Daniel faced the death penalty many times under various kings. Yet the Lord enabled Daniel to stand firm in his faith throughout each trial. God could have kept Daniel out of the lion’s den. Yet instead, He allowed Daniel to go into the lion’s den for one very long night! Yet God allowed it, and brought him through. Instead of complaining to God about this, Daniel chose to trust God, despite the consequences.

Do you think you deserve something for following God? A spouse? A child? A job? An easy life? Good health? How could remembering that we deserve death (Romans 6:23) help you to be more grateful to God for everything less than death? How could this thinking transform your prayer life? Pray for God to help you have His perspective on what we deserve.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

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