Do you know someone who’s thoughtful of others? One time, a 10-year-old girl was at a ski resort with her family. This 10-year-old girl put an extra $5 in her pocket, and her brother asked why. She said she had heard that if you didn’t have a lift ticket, $5 would at least let you back up the mountain once. At this particular resort, all of civilization resided at the top of the mountain. Hotels, shops, parking lots, etc. You found all of those things at the top of the mountain. Nothing was at the bottom, but forests and more mountains that hadn’t been cleared for people. Seeing as this little girl already had a lift ticket, she took $5 in case they saw someone who didn’t have a ticket and was essentially stuck at the bottom of the mountain. Her brother thought that was so nice of her, even though they never found anyone stuck to give the $5 to.

Jeremiah 38:12 NASB
Then Ebed-melech the Ethiopian said to Jeremiah, ‘Now put these worn-out clothes and rags under your armpits under the ropes’; and Jeremiah did so.”

I find the verse above so thoughtful as well. This man, Ebed-melech, went out of his way to save Jeremiah’s life. After some other guys threw him in a muddy cistern, this guy got permission from the king to get him out! Yet in the midst of this, he was thoughtful. The verse before says Ebed-melech first got some rags and worn out clothes. Reading that, I sure wondered what on earth he was up to! But then we read how he had Jeremiah use these to pad the rope against his body as they pulled him out of the great big pit! Brilliant! He didn’t just want to save his life, he wanted to not harm him in the process! Can you imagine the rope burn he’d have had otherwise? Thoughtful. What He did was thoughtful. Ebed-melech thought about what Jeremiah would need and found a way to help.

Is there someone in your life who’s especially thoughtful? Maybe you should thank them today. Or is there someone you could help by being thoughtful like Ebed-melech was? Pray about how to help that person, and God will give you thoughtful ideas to meet their needs. Thank the Lord that He helps us be thoughtful by knowing what people need more than we do. Amen!

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book.

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