How Many Facebook Friends Should I Have?

selfie-1100722_1920This is a question I have asked multiple times since being a part of the social media giant since it’s conception. Multiple times in the day I think about posting something on Facebook, but rarely actually post anything. I post less and less as time goes by. But why? Ultimately, I just wonder if everyone on Facebook really needs to know what I want to post. I rarely answer that as yes. So back to our question of how many friends to have.

What’s your purpose on Facebook?

We’ve addressed this issue before, but ultimately, it’s a question that needs answered. With my newly revamped blog, I am finding that my purpose for Facebook is changing. While it used to just be to share information with close family and friends, it’s quickly becoming more of a marketing tool! Yet I still want to share pictures with close family and friends! I guess we do have a new feature called “Memories” to privately share photos that I so appreciate Facebook adding—even though I have yet to use it.

So what is your purpose? Is it to get the most likes? Share your life with the multitudes? Minister to others? The answer to this depends on how many friends you will have. It also depends on what you will post!

What about privacy?

Yes, this is a growing concern in our society. At the birth of one of my nieces, they have only posted once a couple pictures of the child when she was a month old! They have instead chosen to use a more private sharing app to share photos daily with close friends and family. When we got our cat, I assumed not everyone would want to see photos of our cat, but that a few people—who really loved cats—would be interested in seeing photos of him. This might sound crazy, but I started his own Facebook page for those few people to be able to see photos of him. He’s only friends with like 15 people and he doesn’t follow anyone! Yet he posts photos once or twice a week and it makes those people happy to see him occasionally without annoying the world that I always post cat pictures. Yet I am careful about who he’s friends with because some of the photos of him are revealing of where we live. Only close family and friends get to be his friend.

So one way to deal with the privacy issue is to not post private things. Another way to deal with it is to simply not be friends with people we don’t want to see our posts. The last way to deal with it—which is a lot more work—would be to carefully monitor who can see each thing you post. I prefer to simply use the “friends only” or “public” buttons when posting. I rarely use the “public” option. However, when related to blogs, I often choose to make those posts public, because blogs are public anyway.

What would Jesus do?

That’s a great question! How many friends would Jesus have on Facebook? Well, let’s consider His ministry. He had 3, 12, the 72, the 500, and the multitudes of disciples. Maybe He would have privately shared some things with just His disciples, but more publicly shared things like parables. What do you think? Considering Jesus did not write anything down and He let others do that after He died and rose again, it might be a safe assumption to think He would not have even bothered with social media at all! Instead, He would have just focused on those He was with at the time. Wouldn’t He have hired like a social media person to follow and promote His ministry? Perhaps. I don’t think answering this question is as important as we think. After all, Jesus calls us to different things for different reasons. Therefore, people’s answers to how many Facebook friends they should have will differ based on their call in life.

My calling means more friends on Facebook.

Many people in ministry, use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with supporters. I see this as a great way to have supporters be involved in their lives and in their ministries and remember to pray for them! I love seeing the posts of friends I have on Facebook who are in ministry. I love seeing their ministry updates that way! It’s a quick easy way for me to know what they’re up to so I can pray for them.

Whatever your answer to each of these questions, it’s good to consider and take to the Lord on a regular basis. We want every part of our lives, even our social media involvement, to honor and glorify Him. Therefore, we should seek Him and what He desires for us in regards to the answer to these questions.

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