God Owns it All

Psalm 50:10

“For every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.”

Our church recently did a series on how God owns everything. While that sermon series was mainly financial, I have been thinking about the concept in more broad terms too. Think about the concept of God owning not only all of the money in the world, but all of the houses in the world. He owns all the businesses too! Yet, what about people? Does God “own” people? Do people “own” people? Unless we are referring to slavery, the answer is no. But sometimes we talk as if we do own people! This is my spouse. This is my child.

Sure we have relations with our spouse and our children, but are they really “ours?” No, they are God’s. God created them. So what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that even though “my” child might look like me, she’s not mine forever. She has only been entrusted to me to raise for a short time. Hopefully she chooses to follow Christ and becomes a child of God. But God did not entrust her to us so that we would keep her to ourselves. No! He wants us to share her with others. If she’s a blessing to us, then she is a blessing to others. We should allow others around us to be a part of her life as well. While still using wisdom and discretion, we should not hold so tightly that we do not let others in. We should be open to seeing God bless others through her.

Likewise, we have a responsibility to others in our lives. If we have something a friend needs, why would we not share it? And if a child we know (who is not necessarily “ours”) needs something we’re able to provide, why would we not give it? If life is not about us, then every child should be seen as a blessing from the Lord and deserving of our full attention, whether they are “ours” or not. (Obviously we have a God given priority responsibility to those we live with, but we should not ignore all others outside of our home.)

Do you tend to hold tightly to blessings? Or offer them up to bless others as well? Pray to bless others as the Lord leads.

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