All Creation

Have you ever been awed by God’s creation? Do you take time to consider all that He has and is currently creating? I had a day recently when I was stuck at home without a vehicle and no place to go. With no real reason to change out of my pajamas, I didn’t. Then with less than an hour of daylight left I thought to myself, “I haven’t even been outside today!” Granted, it had rained most of the day, so it wasn’t too inviting. But I decided it was unhealthy to stay inside all day. Since I still was being pretty stubborn and did not want to change out of my pajamas, I decided I should at least grab a chair and sit on our back patio for a while, without anything particular in mind to do. So I did.

It’s amazing how much of God’s creation I miss when I do not take the time to enjoy it. During my half hour of forcing myself to take a break and just sit outside, I heard dogs barking, watched birds fly by, observed moss from the rain that day, and got excited about some yardwork to do another day. It moved me from my housework frenzy to a world outside of my home.

 Psalm 148:7 NASB
“Praise the Lord from the earth, sea monsters and all deeps.”

This Psalm in particular goes through many different creatures and creations that should praise the Lord (Psalm 148). We are given a reason to praise him in Psalm 148:13 “For His name alone is exalted; His glory is above earth and heaven.”

Do you struggle to get out of the house much? Or to think beyond your own house or job or life? Do you need to remember our Lord is “above earth and heaven” like Psalm 148:13 says? Do you need to remember how big and how great our God is despite whatever is happening in your life? I do! Read through Psalm 148 and praise God for all He has done and continues to do on a regular basis.

This is an excerpt taken from my upcoming book: 365 Living Words.

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