Wisdom is Better


Sometimes I’ll pass a big house and be super overwhelmed and impressed at either it’s size, fanciness, or some other aspect. Occasionally though, I’ll see a house so massive that it makes even big houses seem small in comparison. Most of the time I see these mansions on earth, I think about our heavenly mansions.

Yet if I’m heading to someone’s house that’s particularly more fancy than I’m used to, I try to prepare myself. I remind myself how everyone, no matter their socio-economic status, needs Christ. I try to remember that God has a purpose for me in going to this house. I remind myself that just as I don’t like to be judged by how much (or little) I make, neither does anyone else. This usually helps ease the shock factor on my face that can make hosts uncomfortable. It also enables me to treat them like normal people in need of love, just like everyone else.

One time, after such preparation, I arrived at a property, and still found myself completely in awe. No amount of preparation could have prepared me for the house I saw. It was absolutely breathtaking, all of it. I even left still in awe, thinking every other mansion I’d ever seen paled in comparison.

Proverbs 8:11 NASB 
“For wisdom is better than jewels; And all desirable things cannot compare with her.”

It’s easy to leave an experience like that wondering what life would be like living in such a place. It’s difficult to remember that God views wisdom as far better in comparison. Nothing, not even the fanciest house or nicest jewels can compare with wisdom. Do you long for more money, a nicer house, or wisdom more? What do you find yourself desiring most? God says wisdom is more valuable. Are you working more to gain material wealth or wisdom? Pray for wisdom today.

This is an excerpt taken from my upcoming Daily Devotional 365 Living Words.

365 Living Words cover flowers

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