Why Cats are like Babies

10. Both cats and babies need someone to take care of their poop!

9. Trimming their nails works out about the same. They both wiggle and it’s equally as difficult to trim a cat’s nails as a baby’s.

8. Both cats and babies are really cute and do really cute things.

7. Both cats and babies can’t communicate too well. But they cry as they can until they get what they want. You have to decipher which meow/cry means what.

6. Both cats and babies are fairly soft to touch. Babies have soft skin and cats have soft fur!

5. For the most part, both cats and babies love to be held! Yes, some more than others, but still overall, they all love it and thrive with the attention! And many cats and babies love to be right in the middle of your lap when you sit down.

4. Both cats and babies benefit from listening to classical music. Apparently during fireworks, you’re supposed to bring your cat indoors and let him listen to classical music so he’s not scared. For a baby, classical music is supposed to help them be better at math and science.

3. Both cats and babies are about the same size (6-18 lbs.)

2. Both cats and babies regurgitate their food quite regularly.

…And the number one reason why cats are like babies…

  1. Cats and babies react about the same when taken to the doctor/vet. They both cry and this requires you as the parent, to hold your cat/baby and comfort them and keep them from leaving the table/bed thing at the doctor’s.

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