So Long Insecurity

So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

It’s been over a year since I read this book, but it was life changing. I was hoping to work on my confidence level and this book definitely helped! I typically like Beth Moore, but have not read many of her books. Yet I have gone through a good amount of her only Bible Studies. In general, I feel she’s insanely good at application, but occasionally lacks depth—though she definitely can also go very deep! This book is one where she goes deep. She really tackles this issue head on.

Somehow in reading this book, you’ll come to realize that every woman struggles with insecurity on some level. And somehow that encouraging fact will help you come to grips with your own insecurities, but also overcome them in Christ. Beth Moore’s honesty about her own insecurities helps readers be honest with theirs. Her many years of experience working with women also shine through as she shares some of what she’s learned from others struggling with insecurities. She points out how silly we act when we’re insecure.

I have since heard Beth Moore reference this issue since writing the book and she referred to it as “life changing.” I definitely agree, for me and for her. Finally getting over one’s insecurities is huge—especially for a woman! Definitely worth the read and quite possibly my favorite thing of Beth Moore’s yet.

I give this a 4.5/5 because it is insanely good, but possibly not applicable to everyone (like men). I read it on my phone via a kindle app, so I cannot speak much about how the book is laid out—yet all of her books and Bible studies are always laid out beautifully so I would imagine this is too in print. I also would add that I think the book is timeless, for women at least.


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