I find it so easy to be competitive with others. In the silliest ways I can feel like life is a race and I’m falling behind. If someone has more kids, I think I’m behind them. Or if someone buys a house before me, or a bigger house than me, I feel I’m behind them. Or career. It’s a completely worldly way of ranking and it’s completely unbiblical! But if we’re not careful, our flesh comes through exposing our true desires, to be better than others.

All of our desires are rooted in a deeper desire for God. Our desire to be the best or to be better than someone at something could really be a desire to feel special, valued, and unique. Or it might be a desire to see our hard work pay off! Only God can fulfill these deeper desires, whatever they may be. But just as a reminder, because I do not think we can get enough of these reminders, read over Psalm 49.

Psalms 49:16 NASB
“Do not be afraid when a man becomes rich, When the glory of his house is increased;”

We’re reminded to not fear when people gain wealth. We cannot take our wealth with us to the grave. So even when people gain wealth and do well at their jobs, we should keep an eternal perspective, trusting the Lord. How does the famous rhyme go?

Only one life ’twill soon be past.
Only what’s done for Christ will last.[1]

Let’s spend our lives doing what Christ has called us to. Let’s not worry about beating others in this game of life. Instead, let us set our hearts and minds on Christ and do what He has for us today. For I am sure that it is a very unique and important call for each. Amen!

Do you struggle feeling like life is a competition at times? How do you rank yourself in this competition? How do you think God ranks you? Pray for Him to reveal your deeper longing for Him and to fill that desire so you can live more freely for Him.

This is taken from my upcoming Daily Devotional.

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[1] Studd, Charles. Accessed 3.6.2017.

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  1. I definitely struggle with this! Thankfully we have a loving and gracious God who reminds me gently that those things don’t matter. I’ve been dealing with feelings of needing a career for the past few years…but I DON’T! That’s not why we’re alive. I may never have a “career job”, and I’m finally starting to be okay with that.

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