The Chicken or the Egg?

Another popular question: what came first? The chicken or the egg? I take the side of the chicken! God created man and woman from nothing and then they created babies, through Eve’s eggs (Genesis 1:27, 2:7, 4:1). Therefore, I believe God also created chickens and roosters first, before they laid eggs.easter-1236354_1920

Well, what if He created a rooster and gave him a chicken egg to sit on until it hatched?

That’s an excellent point and while I believe that is possible, I do not think it’s likely. It seems as though God created everything with an immediate pair—except humans. Yet He still created Eve on the same day as He created Adam. It’s just that He created Adam first and then created Eve after “there was not found a helper suitable for [Adam]” (Genesis 2:20).

God also created earthly beings, like cattle, on the sixth day, the same day as He created humans (Genesis 1:24-31). That same day, God brought these animals before Adam to name all the animals. Can you imagine the difficulty of Adam naming a bunch of eggs that looked alike? No, I see this as the same as God bringing all the animals two by two to Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6-7). They were full grown, or at least teenager animals the same day they were created.

Well, chickens sort of fly. Could they have been created on the fifth day instead of the sixth day?

Yes of course that’s possible! Either day, I still believe that by the sixth day, we had a chicken, not an egg.

Well, what if God created the egg and then it hatched and became a chicken and the creation days were more than 24 hours?

Is He God or is He not? While this is pretty much another topic for another day, I will briefly address that now. He’s the creator of the universe. He’s in control of everything, everywhere, all the time. Yes, we have freewill, but He’s also sovereignly in control. I say that simply to say, why do you question the length of the creation days? There was evening and morning each day of creation (Genesis 1:5). Do you doubt His ability to create it all in that amount of time? I believe He could have created it all in one day. He did not need six days to create. But for us to have a better understanding and because He loves us so, He took His time. Not only that, but He allowed us, humans, to be a part of His creation by giving Adam the wonderful task of naming the animals. I believe He created us last because He wanted to prepare a place for us before bringing us into the mix. Similarly, He is preparing a place for us now (John 14:3).

So yes, it’s possible that God created the egg, fertilized it Himself, or also created a rooster to fertilize it, and then we eventually received the chicken. But I just don’t see that as likely, since He created man and woman before they had a child together (conceived of woman’s eggs being fertilized by man’s sperm).

Either way, this is one of those questions the Bible does not address, so it probably isn’t important. Nonetheless, it’s fun to think about and try to answer from what we do know about God and the Bible.

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