Risen movie

Risen 2016 Movie Review

It was a very good movie, worth seeing. I especially enjoyed the Roman culture aspect to it and felt that was portrayed accurately. Much of the Biblical stuff was portrayed accurately as well—which I appreciated. The actual story about the Roman soldier who came to know Jesus through investigating if He had risen and who eventually hung out with the disciples and Jesus Himself, of course is not necessarily true, but it’s neat to think that it could have happened like the movie portrays it.

My only critique of it is that I believe the Roman soldier would have been quicker to believe in Jesus had he seen Him risen from the dead. However, I also think the writers were slow to bring him around as an evangelical tool for non-believers who might be watching. Therefore, I also think the way they did this worked out well.

I guess one more critique is the age of Peter portrayed. The character appears to be around 50, but we assume he was really more like in his twenties.

Again, overall it was really neat seeing how the Romans reacted to the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is a movie about the death and resurrection of Jesus from the Romans’ perspective. Very well done and well worth your time.

I am giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason I don’t give it 5 is for the few things mentioned above and because overall its’ a bit of a slow moving movie. Yet it was never intended to be a fast pace movie—hence why I’m not knocking off more than half a point for that. And it’s really hard to be completely 100% Biblical, hence why I’m not knocking off much for that either because for the most part, they were. Even the Peter thing is assumed and not necessarily proven.


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