Oneness Embraced

Oneness Embraced by Tony Evans

If you look at this book, you’ll notice the font “RACE” in the word “EMBRACED” is a different color than the rest of the title. Yes, this is a book on race. The subtitle says “reconciliation, the kingdom, and justice.” I haven’t read a ton of books on race, but I have been fascinated by this one.

If I were to read a book on race, I would prefer to read it from someone who has experienced discrimination for their race firsthand. Dr. Tony Evans is that man. After listening to him on the radio for years, I never could have imagined some of the things he’s faced in his past. I have never even heard a hint of bitterness in his preaching for what he’s endured. Yet this book goes into some of that and the difficulty within the church with racial reconciliation. You rarely hear that Dr. Tony Evans was the first African American to graduate from both Dallas Theological Seminary and to get a doctorate at Dallas. You rarely hear the difficulty he faced as an African American preacher when he first started, simply because of his race.

I also found it fascinating as Dr. Evans went through some famous African American men in the past who have mysteriously been left out of our history books. I thought this part of the book would be especially good for reference if I ever adopted or was influential in a young African American’s life. Not only does Dr. Evans explain some important history points for Christians, he debunks a lot of lies people have falsely believed about different races throughout the years. I was absolutely shocked by how many things he pointed out from the times of slavery until today. I almost felt as if I had been lied to since I never heard much of the points he brings out.

While Dr. Evans speaks about all races having different difficulties, he mainly focuses on the friction in America towards African Americans. I believe this is a wise focus. He explains in the book why and I agree. He also explains many stories of people like John Perkins and their devotion to the reconciliation of races.

Not only does Dr. Evans go into depth on American history, but he also goes in depth about what the Bible says about race. As one of the top Bible scholars and preachers of our day, this part is obviously top notch and invaluable. It will change the way you view different passages related to race, especially those teachings about Ham, Abraham’s grandson!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It will encourage African Americans and enlighten Caucasians and everyone in between. Our nation needs this book, for such a time as this. I am giving it a 4.5 out of 5 (which is usually my highest rating). It’s so needed for our time right now.


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