Why Women Love Flowers

tulips-1208205_1920Another guy once asked me why girls like flowers so much. I explained all the reasons women love flowers. I love my husband for many reasons, but one thing I love that he does is he buys me flowers. I’ll try to recreate that for you here, in no particular order.

Women love flowers because…

  • They’re beautiful! When a woman receives beautiful flowers, it reminds her that someone thinks she’s One must at least have some beauty in order to appreciate beauty, right? And who doesn’t appreciate beautiful flowers? Every time the woman passes those flowers she is reminded she is loved and that someone thinks she’s beautiful!
  • They last a good while. Yeah, they’re not diamonds, so they don’t last forever… but they last a week or two! And for the time that they last, she is reminded each time she passes them, how beautiful she is to someone and how much she’s loved.
  • Others see them! She gets to show them off to whoever sees them. It’s almost as if the guy has publicly declared to his woman his affection for her. As people comment on her flowers, she responds with things like, “Thank you! My husband got me those.” Inside, she is thinking, “he loves me and he wants the world to know it because he bought me these flowers so that the whole world sees!” Sure, not everyone sees, but she’s excited that he doesn’t care who does see. Once when we were dating, my husband surprised me waiting outside of my work with flowers. Everyone I worked with saw him standing there with flowers. Then as we walked to my dorm, everyone we passed saw them as well. He was so proud to make me so happy. And I was so proud to be with a man who loved me so well. Even if no one comes to your house, your children will see them and feel secure that their parents love each other. They will be reminded every time they see those flowers as well.
  • They’re practical. Chocolate is fun, but sometimes if a girl is trying to lose weight, or is concerned for her teeth, she might feel guilty eating so much chocolate. So gifts like chocolate probably have a limit, but gifts like flowers have no limit. Diamonds are great too, but they are pricy. Most people don’t want to spend that much for a simple “I love you,” unless it’s a super special occasion. And once someone has a diamond, they have to sort of protect it. Flowers are an affordable, simple, non-offensive way to say “I love you” any day of the year. Most people I know don’t care if the flowers came from a grocery store or a flower shop. As long as they’re pretty, they’re worth it.
  • It’s OK if they die. As opposed to plants, which can die without proper care, leaving the caretaker feeling like a failure, cut flowers are expected to die. No one feels bad if after a week or two the flowers die and start looking bad. No one feels guilty for not keeping them alive. Besides keeping water in a vase—which about anyone can do, they really require no maintenance. Nobody minds adding water to a vase of pretty flowers for a week or two.

So that’s the basics of why women love flowers. Yes, I still get excited when my husband brings me home a dozen roses. However, I also get excited about any flowers he brings me. Carnations, summer mixes, whatever’s on sale. It all sends the same message that he loves me. He brings me chocolates and other gifts too, like plants. But the flowers are most consistent and it’s a simple way for him to show me he loves me.

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