Audacious by Beth Moore

tuesday-reviewAs always, Beth Moore does not disappoint. With her usual fun and entertaining writing style, she encourages readers to be Audacious in their faith. My mentor bought me this book so we read through it together.

While this looks like a simple gift book and is small enough that it’s not too intimidating, the profound message would encourage nearly any lady (or probably man) to live out their faith more boldly. She speaks of being so close to the Lord that we can hear His “promptings” by the Holy Spirit. She also writes about how getting to know God means He leads us to do often times uncomfortable or seemingly crazy things…if we’d only listen and obey. She has a good point that the average—especially working American Christian—probably ignores or does not take the time to hear such promptings from the Lord. Or they think themselves crazy for following such promptings, so they simply do not.

Either way, I appreciate her bringing up this point and trying to explain how giving God everything means just that, everything. It means our daily lives and she attempts to encourage believers to live daily in a way that is passionately following after Jesus. Instead of adding Jesus onto our lives on Sunday, we should live for Him as if He really is everything to us.

The book is brilliantly laid out with pretty green font and fairly short easy to read chapters. It’s much like a coffee-table book. While it definitely has meat in it, due to its length it’s not insanely meaty in its depth. But if you like Beth Moore, you will appreciate this book. If you want to get a taste of Beth Moore, you will get a good sense of her writing from this book. I really think it’s an excellent gift book because it’s not an intimidating topic, but rather encouraging. Also the short length and pretty layout makes it the perfect book for someone to read for fun without much pressure.

I am giving it a 4 out of 5 not because it’s not good and not because I think it needs to be any better. But simply because while it’s an important topic, its’ not insanely life changing or necessary for every Christian to read. And I’m not sure if it’s very timeless. It is an excellent book for our time though and again laid out very nice. I have even tweeted about some of the things mentioned in it that especially impacted me. Again, I definitely recommend it as a gift book, or just for your own personal encouragement and an easy read.

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