Did Adam have a Belly Button?

If you’ve been a Christian for very long, I’m sure you’ve heard of the age old question, “Did Adam have a belly button?” While on the one hand, since the Bible doesn’t address it, it’s obviously not important. However, it’s very good to ask questions and God has given us an imagination and a brain and we’re fully expected to use it with our faith. So let’s look at this together.

What do we know?

  1. God created man in His own image.

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27 NASB

  1. God formed the first man, Adam, from the dust of the ground.

Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” -Genesis 2:7 NASB

  1. The belly button does have a purpose after birth, but not much and not much for men.

Ok, now let’s break down these things that we know and look at them in depth. Does God have a belly button? He doesn’t really need one seeing as He can create life from dust and simply breathe life into them. Since God was not “created,” but always has been, there’s no need for this belly button either. Yet man was created in His image. Adam was not born of a woman and it’s believed that God created him as a full grown man—not as a baby. Therefore, he too would not have needed a belly button.

But would God have given it to him just for fun? So he’d look like the rest of creation? Possibly. What about Cain and Abel? Apparently the original language of the text in Genesis 4:1 translates Eve’s reaction as saying, “I have created a full grown man!” Many scholars believe Cain to have not been a baby, but closer to a full grown man, or small child. Does this point matter for a belly button? Well, not exactly.

It does suggest that Cain and Abel were formed in a woman’s womb and therefore, we assume they had belly buttons. They were fed in her womb as babies are today. (How did this happen if they grew so big? I have no idea. Perhaps they grew as they came out. Remember, God created man from dust and woman from a rib. Anything is possible with God (Matthew 19:26).)

So did Adam have a belly button? What do you think? I do not see why he would have needed one. But I could see the Lord simply giving him one so that he looked like everyone else. But I could also see God not giving him one as a mark of his special-ness of being the first human ever! I would love a medical person’s perspective on this.

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