The Pregnancy Predicament

Pregnancy is one big hilarious predicament if you think about it…

  • For the first 12 weeks you’re pregnant, you feel the worst. All you want to do is be horizontal, sleep, eat, or throw up. Yet, that’s typically during the time when you’re still not telling anyone yet that you’re pregnant! So you suffer alone. “Oh, I don’t think I can go out tonight, I’m just too sleepy.” “I need to go to the bathroom… again! No, I’m completely fine.”
  • Every time I throw up (which often times ends up on the floor), I think, “How am I going to clean that up without throwing up again?” It’s the great pregnancy predicament.
  • I knew instinctively that I needed to exercise once I found out I was pregnant, but all I wanted to do was lay flat! But I knew exercise would make me feel better. But beginning to exercise, I’d feel miserable. I have to do something that makes me feel miserable in order to help me feel better. Another part of the great pregnancy predicament.
  • The crazy thing about food cravings is that they change—so incredibly drastically! I ate fruit and yogurt constantly the first month I was pregnant. Then suddenly, I couldn’t stand the thought of either of those foods anymore (probably because I puked some up). Yet my husband caught on, saw we were running low, and bought me some more. “Oh, sorry Sweetie, I stopped craving that 3 minutes ago…” The great pregnancy predicament.
  • Certain foods or smells are absolutely intolerable. But you don’t always realize what you can and cannot stand. You cook a fabulous gourmet (fish) dinner and after one bite want to vomit. Now you’re too tired to cook anything else, yet you’re also hungry and know you need to eat. The great pregnancy predicament.
  • What they call the “nesting” phase hits you and you want to do all these house projects before the baby arrives. But you tire so quickly, your balance is off, realize things like paint fumes are harmful to pregnant women, you have trouble bending over, and you can’t lift heavy things. How on earth is everything supposed to get done? The great pregnancy predicament.
  • You’re told to stay indoors in the summer to avoid the zika virus, but staying indoors makes you so sad. You know being sad is not good for the baby, but what can you do? The great pregnancy predicament.
  • You’re told your teeth are especially sensitive at this time, so you should take extra special care of them. Yet, flossing and mouthwash make you puke. Do you…brush only knowing food is still stuck in your teeth? Or do you brush, floss, rinse and follow it up with a little puke? Oh the pregnancy predicament!
  • You know sleeping and eating are important, but eating too soon before bed means heartburn. Yet not eating soon enough before bed, means waking up in the middle of the night unable to sleep until you eat. You know you should drink water, but your body doesn’t seem to retain any considering all the trips to the bathroom. You sleep in certain positions to avoid certain things and end up dealing with a whole new set of issues! Ah the great pregnancy predicament!

You know, despite still vomiting regularly throughout my pregnancy, being pregnant really is not that bad. It’s manageable, as I often tell people. You figure out how to manage symptoms and how to go on with your day while still being pregnant and taking care of a baby growing inside of you. Parts of it definitely are funny and I often find myself saying, “this is another one of those pregnancy predicament things!” whenever I come up to a new dilemma.

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