Lord, Change My Attitude

Book Review for Lord, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald

This book is one of about three books that I have read over the last 10 years of which I make it a habit to read again on a regular basis. In fact, I first read this book in 2008, and decided to read it about every four years since then. It’s one of those books that we all need for different reasons at different times in our lives. With each read through, I have found it refreshing and needed for my soul.

The first time I read the book, I also did the study guide in the back, which I found extremely helpful.

James MacDonald goes in depth about why the Israelites had to stay in the desert for so long before entering the promised land. He uses the book of Numbers and brings out many of their wrong attitudes, that of course, we can relate to today. He encourages us today about how to get out of desert living so that we can live in the promised land as the Lord desires. Yet this requires a change on our part with our hearts… or our attitudes.

He reminds readers multiple times that our attitudes are a choice.

Inside of an introduction and an epilogue, James MacDonald addresses five bad attitudes we need to replace with five good attitudes. Each attitude has a chapter. It’s a very convicting book and I do not suggest you read it if you are not ready to be changed. It will open up your eyes to the Book of Numbers. Yet it will also challenge you in such a way that you cannot help but grow spiritually. Because of its’ length, it does require a commitment to finish. Yet I did not find any part of the book unnecessary. Therefore, the length is needed for this topic.

Thank you Dr. James MacDonald for the work you’ve done on this book!

I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars because it has excellent, timely, and Biblical content, and it’s presented in a very clear and reader-friendly format. While I strongly encourage every person to read this book, I know not many will. Most people cannot handle being convicted or challenged. But for those who desire to be more godly, this book awaits.

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