Being Pregnant is like Being a Cat

pregnant-like-a-catBeing Pregnant is like Being a Cat

I once heard someone say that when he was a child, he used to want to be a cat. To him, cats would go outside and play, come inside and nap, eat, and maybe cuddle with someone. That was about the life of a cat. Since being pregnant, I feel a bit like a cat.

If I eat too much, or too little, or something too spicy, or smell something rotten, or move too fast, I throw up, just like my cat. He throws up if he’s hungry, if he eats too much, if he eats the wrong thing, or if I swing him around too fast as I dance with him. Car rides are about the same! Who else pukes in a car ride besides a cat? Pregnant women, that’s who!

One morning, my cat threw up. I cleaned it up. Then (probably because I bent over and cleaned that up—which smelled), I threw up. Then my cat threw up again. I could quickly see where this was headed. It was a throw up competition! Husband to the rescue!

Besides throwing up, cats are also finicky creatures, like hormonal pregnant people. “Touch me, hold me! Don’t touch me! Don’t hold me!” Our family likes to say that cats determine that they will allow humans to pet them two and a half times. Then they will attack or bite the humans! Pregnant people can be similar. “Here, touch my belly. The baby’s moving.” Then about one minute later, “get your hand off of there. It’s too hot, making baby unhappy!” What a cat ate one day, he may despise the next. Pregnant women can be like that too. Sure they have cravings, but the cravings sometimes shut off without warning!

Cats also like to go outside and come back inside at their own leisure. It’s almost as if they’re never happy! Pregnant people are similar—especially when it comes to temperature. In the summer, I would have to drive with the air conditioning on and the windows cracked. In the winter if I got too hot, we’d also have to put the windows down. Beyond that, most of the time, the baby keeps my belly warm and I can walk around in winter with my coat unzipped. It’s like I have a fur coat on! Yet sudden and drastic changes in temperature make me vomit.

Cats hate water. Not sure if this is normal, but showering has become quite difficult as a pregnant person! Bending over is tough and it’s nearly impossible to get the temperature right! Really any movement could cause a pregnant woman to vomit—especially with the added trigger of temperature changes. Now she’s expected to reach all over and wash herself, without falling (remember her balance is off these days), and not get too hot or too cold. She finds herself avoiding showers…as do cats!

I have heard that cats sleep something like 14 hours a day. Pregnant people might not sleep quite that much, but they do sleep an awful lot! More than normal. And they have to rest after hardly any exertion…just like cats. I find myself taking little “cat naps” just to settle my stomach and rest my eyes. Not to mention the extra sleep I find myself needing at night. Yes, both cats and pregnant women sleep quite a bit!

So if you think you can handle living with a pregnant person, well just imagine if you can handle living with a cat. Just like cats, all pregnant people (and all pregnancies) are different. But nearly all pregnant woman and cats sleep a lot, eat specific things, and at least feel nauseous, if they do not both puke.

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