Spiritual Mothering

Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt

First of all, I believe this type of book is extremely needed in our church today. Hunt says a lot of things I think all women need to hear—especially barren women. She speaks to the importance of older women “mothering” or mentoring younger women in the church. In other words, it’s a book on women’s discipleship!

A few points she made that I personally greatly appreciated are as follows:

  • Just because a woman does not bear children does not exempt her from the responsibility to spiritually “mother” others in the church (Hunt 47).
  • Every woman can be a spiritual mother to someone, despite their age (Hunt 12).
  • Christian mothers should encourage their children to foster relationships with other mature Christian women as well (besides just her) (Hunt 77).

While I definitely appreciate this book, I also think a few of the verses used or explained were taken a bit out of context. I have the 2009 version, and its layout is decent, but I know this has improved with the latest printed edition. I am giving it a 3.5 out of 5. Because much of it seems to be common sense, it doesn’t provide a whole lot of new information for someone who is a student of the Bible.


Hunt, Susan. Spiritual Mothering. Crossway. Wheaton, 2009.

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