True Woman 201 Interior Design

True Woman 201 Interior Design by Kassian and DeMoss

I went through this 10-week Bible study on my own personally and then co-led it for a group of women, using the weekly videos and leaders’ guides provided. I thought the women signing up for this study would be new Christians, but I was in for a big surprise! Those who were in our group were all very seasoned mature Christian women with a lot to offer! After the first week of leading and the ladies jumping straight to the point after about my first question, I said to the Lord, “Well, that’s all I had… I give up. You’re turn!”

The Lord took over and this study really has been life changing for me and I believe for others in our group as well. Now I have not read the book True Woman. Nor have I done the True Woman 101 Divine Design Bible study. I have heard excellent things about both of those other books written before this one. I believe it is not necessary to do those pre-requisites before doing this Bible study. While I hear they are excellent to do anyway, I believe you’ll still gain greatly from this study without doing those.

This Bible study takes the concept of interior decorating of a house and compares that to women spiritually “designing” their inner selves. This Bible study focuses on Titus 2 and goes in depth each week on a different aspect of Biblical womanhood listed in that chapter. It’s the best thing I’ve read on Biblical womanhood or women’s discipleship yet!

Each week has five days of personal study for women to do on their own. Each day begins with an illustration and then gets into the Scriptures. The Scriptures are covered in such depth over the course of 10-weeks that I will never look at Titus 2 the same way again. Each week focuses on one word or phrase from Titus chapter 2 that women should try to cultivate in their lives. The book also provides weekly discussion questions which may or may not be helpful for your group. The weekly 20 minute videos (which can be found online for free) definitely help to refresh the ladies’ memories of what they studied the past week and give some additional insights for discussion. If you download the leaders’ guides off of their website, each week offers about three different icebreaker options. Our leaders used one of these icebreakers nearly every week and we found them really effective!

I am giving this Bible study a 5 out of 5. I think it’s timeless and even though it’s geared toward women, I believe fathers of daughters could benefit from it too. In a world speaking so many lies to women today about who they should be and what they should do, this is a rare Bible study speaking truth straight from God’s Word on a woman’s role. It’s laid out beautifully and the depth on the Scriptures is phenomenal. Every woman, no matter how spiritually mature, will benefit from doing this Bible study. I would especially recommend this for the area of women’s discipleship.

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