God’s Will

Luke 22:42 NASB

 “… “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.””

As my grandma has gotten older, she’s started to lose her memory. But she’s so humble about it. The other day I was asked to stop by and make sure she had taken her medicine. After I asked her, she said, “oh no, I haven’t taken it. You have to remind me [you know]” Then she went straight to her meds to take them, saying out loud, “evening meds,” then asking me, “what day is it?” I told her the day of the week so all she had to do was get the meds in the pill case for that evening.

At 90 years old, she has every right to be bossing me around, but she doesn’t. She has no problem taking instructions from others, even her grandchild! She’s perfectly content with where God has her right now. She has humbled herself and has submitted to God’s will for her in this time.

Sometimes we do not like what God has for us. Often a new year can remind us of another year gone by that things we wanted didn’t happen. Another year single. Another year without a child. Another year with my child running from the Lord. Another year and I’m still struggling with this illness. Another year…

Sometimes God’s will doesn’t seem fun. Sometimes His Will for us seems challenging. Even Jesus was not looking forward to being crucified. The night before He was crucified He prayed for another way. But His larger concern was with doing the Lord’s Will as opposed to His own. And yet, Christ’s Will and God’s Will are one in the same! Jesus chose to obey God’s Will for Him to die on a cross—even though it was hard.

Are you willing to submit to God’s will for you even though it might be hard? Look at the outcome of Jesus’ submission to God’s Will! God has great plans for our lives too. Would you say you’re living for His will, or for your own? Pray to surrender your plans, even this day to His sovereign will, trusting that He has good in store for you.

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