Like Eating a Burger

I was explaining to a friend the other day about editing a big work, like a book or a Bible study. To me, editing a large work is like eating a big juicy burger. When eating a big, juicy burger, you have to use both hands, be completely engaged, and just go for it all at once. Your hands get incredibly messy in the midst. Yet if you stop to get a drink, that will be the very thing that will ruin the enjoyableness of eating that big juicy burger. For one, in order to get a drink, you will have to put that burger down! Then the burger will probably be placed in a puddle of its own juice—which will make the bun soggy and disgusting. Then, you’ll have to wipe off your hands because they’ll be covered in burger juice—or else you’ll get that juice all over your drink. Then by the time you take a drink and finally return to finish your burger, well, it will probably be cold. Not to mention that, but big juicy burgers like to fall apart, so it’s going to take a whole lot of effort to pick that baby up again without losing any of it! You did it once, but can you do it again? And after the bun has become all soggy? And now your belly is full of liquid too, so you’ll probably be too full to finish that burger. And when it tastes soggy and cold, you’ll have no desire in the world to finish that once delicious burger.

Therefore, the most sensible way to enjoy a big delicious burger, is to do it all at once! Pick it up and do not put it down again until you have finished all you want. Once you put that burger down, it’ll never be the same after you pick it up a second time.

The same is true with writing or editing a major work. You have to do it all at once! You cannot do a little here and a little there, or you will forget what you did before! I cannot tell you how many times I wrote the same paragraph in various chapters in a book I wrote. Each time I edited it I had to edit it all at once. Otherwise, I would add something in chapter three that I would have forgotten I already explained in chapter one! Writing is possible to do in phases, but editing is not! It’s amazing how quickly you forget what you wrote and how many times you will repeat yourself if you do not do it all at once.

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