Mike Pence as a Person



A Few Things about Mike Pence from a Hoosier

  1. Almost 10 years ago, when I was stuck in India as a 22-year-old girl all by myself, I called home and home called Mike Pence’s office. They were ready and willing to do whatever needed to get me home safe. More than anything, this calmed my parents down when they thought their worst fears had been realized.
  2. About 5 years ago, when my grandpa died, Mike Pence took notice and asked his staff about it. He then went out of his way to make sure this Marine from Indiana who served and miraculously survived WWII was honored in a special way. One of his staff was at the hospital with us. Mike Pence himself met later with some of my family in Washington to show how he’d been honored.
  3. Over the last year, I have regularly come across Mike Pence and his family. I too live in Indianapolis. The Pences really do love God and people. His wife volunteers at an inner city school that helps low income kids have a quality education to help release them from poverty. It’s about the most diverse neighborhood possible. I’ve worked and volunteered in that same neighborhood many years. It’s not for the faint hearted.

These are the things the media will never cover that Mike Pence and his wife do on a regular basis. Whether or not you agree with our new Vice President’s politics, I know from personal experience that he’s a genuine guy who is in politics to help people.


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