To Blog or Not to Blog

imag9140_1Can I just confess already? I hate the idea of blogging. To me it just seems like a bunch of random people making their private journals public. While I love to journal, I sure doubt the world wants to see my journals! I am not that interesting! Others think blogging is a bunch of 20somethings sitting around in their underwear. While I think things started out that way, it’s a much more respected activity now. Websites use blogs to drive traffic to their website. Aspiring authors blog to get their name and samples of their writings out to the public.

I always thought, “Why would I blog about it? I would rather just write a book on it!” Yet recently, Dr. Albert Mohler in his book Conviction to Lead impressed the importance of blogging. He explains how even while he believes his books will have a longer lasting impact, his blog reaches more people and at a faster rate! This is about the only reason to blog.

It’s not just to reach people, it’s to reach people with a message. And we cannot simply reach them with just any message, but only the message. The most important message of all: Christ.

So what should a blog be about? I have pondered this question so much that it’s completely stopped me from posting anything at all! “No, can’t post about running if it’s a Jesus-blog.” “No, can’t post about cooking if it’s a Bible-study blog.” And on and on the excuses go. But the truth is, we have all SORTS of blogs out there! Cooking blogs, exercise blogs, Jesus blogs, personal blogs, travel blogs, and more! I have come to conclude that the original slogan of my blog, “glorifying God with my life,” actually fits quite nicely. It’s not about me simply writing about the Bible or just about running or a new recipe. It’s about how to glorify God in all aspects of my life. So therefore, all of my blogposts should glorify God. Hopefully each post, even if just about running, shows how to run in such a way that honors and glorifies God. This is my message that “my” blog will be about.

But what about the idea of a blog being self-promoting? Yeah, I guess I’ll just have to get over that. If the focus is really on preaching the message of Christ and the message He’s laid on our hearts, or about something He’s done in our lives, then it should never be about us anyway. If it’s all about Him, all the glory should go to Him.

Am I looking to get picked up by a big name publisher? Well, no. I am simply looking to be used of the Lord, and He has convinced me as of late that this is a good format in which to reach people for Him.


Reference: Mohler, Albert. The Conviction to Lead, pages 178-179. Baker House Publishers. Minneapolis, 2012.


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