Ode to Red Blazer

Have you heard the news?

Do you have the blues?

It’s OK to morn,

Or to feel quite torn.

Because this Red Blazer is going away.

He’s served us faithfully many a day!

If you’ve ridden in him,

Or prayed over him,

Thank you from the very depths of my heart!

He’s 16 years old! That poor old fart!

14 of those years were with me.

Taking adventures over land and sea.*

To Wisconsin to camp for three summers of fun,

To Ball State, to Moody, then home again, done.

From high school until marriage,

He’s been my stately carriage.

Reliable to the core!

Yet maintenance, he needed more!

From Blacky to Honey to Von Blackenheim,

For moving so many, all of the time.

To the Blazer:

I can’t count how many times I got lost with you,

But your compass got me back. Its north was true.

Thank you Car for the adventures. Thank You God for answering prayers!

Your new owner will adore you, no matter how he fares.


Red Blazer

* Actually, we never traveled over sea together, only drove people who had traveled from overseas.

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