Sharing the Bible with Kids is like being a stand-up comedian

Bible to kids

It’s like being a Stand-up Comedian

Sharing the Bible with kids is a lot like being a stand-up comedian. It’s not that you have to be funny, but you do have to keep the audience’s attention! Just like in a comedy club the crowd boos to non-funny comedians, children also let you know if they don’t approve of you. They simply start doing their own thing and ignoring you. The best comedians don’t always keep people laughing non-stop, but they do keep you thinking! Between laughs, good comedians keep you thinking, “I never thought of that. What a good point! How funny!” When teaching the Bible, we can do it in a funny way, but we must do it in a way that’s interesting!

Believe it

Phil Vischer, of Veggie Tales, often says it should be a sin to bore people with the Bible. I completely agree. Yet at the same time, we do not need to add anything to or take anything from the Bible to make it more interesting. We must teach the Bible in a way that the kids want to listen! Some people do this through being funny or entertaining. Yet the most effective teachers do this simply out of a genuineness of spirit.

The Bible is interesting! If you’re genuine in believing the Bible, then you’ll naturally get excited about sharing that with others. If you get excited when you read in the Bible about how God worked in someone’s life, then you’ll naturally get excited when sharing that with others. If you believe the Bible is 100% true, then you naturally find hope and encouragement from it and are excited to share that with others. If Christ is in you, you will overflow with a desire to share His story to others in a way they’ll understand. Children pay attention to genuine people. They also pay attention when they see a grown person get excited about something.

Give Hope

While there’s nothing wrong with being funny or entertaining, we must keep the main goal in mind: sharing the Gospel. The point in sharing the Word of God with children is to glorify God through giving kids hope and presenting how they can know Christ. God has given us everything in His Word to be able to do that. If we share it in an entertaining or funny way for the greater purpose of helping kids understand it, then that’s awesome. Yet if we simply share it because we’re excited about it and believe its true, that also has great power. We can and should use the gifts He’s given us to share His message. If God has given you the gift of being funny, use it for the glory of God. If He’s given you the gift of creativity, creatively share the Gospel in a way kids will understand. And if He’s given you the gift of Salvation, by golly, preach it like you believe it, because you do!

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